My U post yesterday was interrupted by our first kidding!  Our first of four pregnant females gave birth and she had quadruplets!  Wow!  It was amazing and the human kids got to see most of it.  I have to kind of hope though that the rest of the females aren’t as prolific.  Otherwise I am going to be swimming in goats.

This great event and the rest of the animals on our farm make me say, Hooray for Ungulates!

Ungulates –  hoofed beasts

Ungulate typically refers to any animal that has a hoof.  Although it refers to a wide range of animals, many of these animals have similar characteristics.  For example, many of these great animals are ruminants, animals that possess multiple stomachs containing bacteria that help them break down the vegetable matter they eat.  A good portion of them also have very long legs making them able to move quickly.

Two types of ungulates

The hoof can either be even-toed or odd-toed.  Llamas are even-toed, having two toes per foot.  Goats, deer, hippopotamuses and cattle all are even-toed.  Donkeys, horses and rhinoceroses, on the other hand, are odd-toed ungulates.

Needless to say, I checked the kids’ feet and they are perfect even-toed ungulates!

Blogging my way from A to Z as part of the 2016 April A to Z Challenge!  My theme for this year:  Llama mama.  U for Ungulate.

Photo courtesy of jenn.


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  1. Hi, just random A to Z visiting, and am going to stop and follow you because I want to learn more about lamas. It is a pipe dream of mine to keep some.
    thanks for sharing your knowledge and your story.

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