Obstacle Classes for LLamas

What do you do if you have a pack llama and want to show him?  Llama agility, of course.

Yes, you can enter the show ring and lead your llama through an obstacle course to demonstrate communication and trust between you and your llama.  Obstacles that you might encounter include bridges, ramps, stairs, water obstacles, etc.  You will also have to back your llama into a designated area and might have to load your llama into a van or trailer (can you say kush?).

Llama obstacle classes aren’t the same as the fast-paced, course-tearing runs you see in dog agility shows.  Llike all things llama, they are quiet, elegant events taken at the pace of a llama.

Have a llook:

Blogging my way from A to Z as part of the 2016 April A to Z Challenge!  My theme for this year:  Llama mama.  O for Obstacle Classes.


Obstacle Classes for LLamas — 2 Comments

  1. That’s interesting. I didn’t realize this was even a thing. I always learn so much when hopping around blogs during the A-Z challenge! 🙂

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