Hey Ho, The Donkey Must Go!

donkey must go

My two spoiled llamas, Edie and Widget, have been in full protest for two days.  When Geronimo the donkey first arrived, they looked at him with an air of disgust and kept their distance.  When he brayed for the first time, they galloped away to the back of the pasture.  I really can’t blame them, it was an astonishing sound (sorry neighbors).

I thought the llamas would eventually make their way back in, especially at feeding time, but they have decided to go on a hunger strike to try and flush out our new friend.  Ordinarily I wouldn’t worry so much, but Mother Nature decided to protest as well.  Instead of easing nicely into spring, she hit us with an early spring storm.  I looked out my window yesterday morning and saw two snow-covered lumps with banana-shaped ears still laying in the pasture.  They didn’t come in all day. Since they couldn’t even graze on the new spring grass, I gave in and hung a hay bag about halfway between them and the barn. They didn’t touch it.

I feel bad for Geronimo.  He’s friendly and is clearly interested in all of our barn dwellers.  There has been no problem between him and the goats and sheep (although he has declared himself top donkey of the barn).  As for the llamas,  all he can do is stare after them in Eeyore-like fashion.

It’s too bad the llamas don’t realize how precarious their situation is.  Spouse and all the kids have declared that they already like Geronimo better than the llamas. They better come in soon or everyone but me might forget about them.

So I guess the question that remains is, who is more stubborn, a llama or a donkey?

Blogging my way from A to Z as part of the 2016 April A to Z Challenge!  My theme for this year:  Llama mama.  D is for Donkey Protest.


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