We Have a Stud to Offer!

Registered, dwarf nigerian goat stud with excellent bloodlines. “Bobcat” has a sweet temperament, lots of personality and startling blue eyes. He has sired beautiful kids with lots of colors (some of this year’s kids are pictured). He knows his business … Continue reading

Radical LLama Red Blood Cells

Have you ever climbed up to a higher elevation and found it a bit harder to breathe? Humans are made to live at sea-level where the air pressure allows you to breathe in oxygen efficiently (essentially 100% of the oxygen … Continue reading

The A, B, C’s of Bees: A is for Apiary

Aviary is to birds as apiary is to…..bees. An apiary is any place where hives for honeybees are kept.  Also known as a bee yard, apiaries can be as small as a single hive kept by an individual or can … Continue reading