Radical LLama Red Blood Cells

Have you ever climbed up to a higher elevation and found it a bit harder to breathe? Humans are made to live at sea-level where the air pressure allows you to breathe in oxygen efficiently (essentially 100% of the oxygen … Continue reading

Peace in the Pasture

They held out the donkey protest a lot longer than I thought they would, those spoiled rotten, surly, teenaged llamas.  They stayed away from the barn for a solid 5 days. For the next few days they appeared like ghosts … Continue reading

Obstacle Classes for LLamas

What do you do if you have a pack llama and want to show him?  Llama agility, of course. Yes, you can enter the show ring and lead your llama through an obstacle course to demonstrate communication and trust between … Continue reading

Night-Night With Llamas

Looking for a fun bedtime book for your kids?  Then let a llama lead the way. Anna Dewdney’s book, Llama, LLama, Red Pajama, is a fun, rhyming read that is sure to entertain your kids.  If your kids like this … Continue reading

Basic Care: Meningeal Worms

If you get 10 farmers together in a room, they will tell you 10 different ways to take care of the same animal.  But it does seem like llama owners agree on one thing:  you have to treat your llama … Continue reading