The A, B, C’s of Bees: Varroa Mites

What’s smaller than a honeybee, but just as devastating as a honey-seeking bear? Since its first appearance in the US in 1986, the varroa mite has become one of the major killers of bee colonies.  Although it is only about … Continue reading

The A, B, C’s of Bees: Uniting Colonies

Sometimes when you are preparing your bees for winter, you might notice that some of your colonies are not very strong and you might worry that they won’t survive.  It’s a valid concern, particularly if there is a rough winter.  … Continue reading

The A, B, C’s of Bees: Telling the Bees

In England, it used to be customary to “tell the bees” about important events in the beekeeper’s life.  In particular, it was believed that if the bees were not told of the death of their keeper, then they might die, … Continue reading

The A, B, C’s of Bees: Swarms

Swarms are the bane of beekeepers! Every spring, honeybees have the instinct to split the colony.  The worker bees will start  raising multiple new queen bees in a process different from when they want to replace the queen.  The first … Continue reading

The A, B, C’s of Bees: Royal Jelly

Bees make food that is fit for their queen bee.  It’s packed with protein, sugars and fatty acids.  Fittingly, it’s called royal jelly. … Continue reading