Wiley Wiley Wolves

Ok, I know the A to Z challenge is over and I failed.  But I am determined to see this through…so on to W. Llamas are excellent guard animals.  They are used to guard other ungulates, such as sheep, goats … Continue reading


So far we’ve talked a little about alpacas and guanacos and a lot about llamas.  But there is another member of this family worth mentioning: vicuñas. While guanacos are believed to be the wild ancestors of llamas, alpacas are most … Continue reading


My U post yesterday was interrupted by our first kidding!  Our first of four pregnant females gave birth and she had quadruplets!  Wow!  It was amazing and the human kids got to see most of it.  I have to kind … Continue reading

Obstacle Classes for LLamas

What do you do if you have a pack llama and want to show him?  Llama agility, of course. Yes, you can enter the show ring and lead your llama through an obstacle course to demonstrate communication and trust between … Continue reading

Night-Night With Llamas

Looking for a fun bedtime book for your kids?  Then let a llama lead the way. Anna Dewdney’s book, Llama, LLama, Red Pajama, is a fun, rhyming read that is sure to entertain your kids.  If your kids like this … Continue reading