Llama Llove

I admit it.  I have a serious case of llama llove.  I know not everyone feels the same way.  In fact, a llot of people tell me that llamas are funny llooking or ugly.  I just don’t see it. So … Continue reading

LLama Kush

Have you ever seen a llama kush?  No, not play with those weirdly elastic koosh balls.  I’ve never seen them kicking one around the pasture. I’m talking about the kush position. … Continue reading

Llama Cool Jake

J words are hard to come by in the llama world.  Unless we want to talk about the judging process, which I know nothing about.  Or maybe jeweled llama sweaters (might make a great present for someone, just sayin’). But … Continue reading

Basic Care: Llama Immunizations

Just like the rest of us, llamas need to get some immunizations to keep those bugs away! But unlike most of our vaccines (except flu), llamas receive their shots every year.  Initially, they are given two doses spaced about a … Continue reading

Hyperthermia: A Llama’s Achilles Heel

Bred from the hardy guanacos, llamas are resilient animals.  They only need a three-sided shelter as a windbreak in the winter.  When it’s raining, our goats hide in the barn, but the llamas stay outside, grazing contentedly in the pasture … Continue reading