The A, B, C’s of Bees: Colony Collapse Disorder

Honeybees are important. Really vitally important.  Our world could not exist without these tiny creatures.  They pollinate about 80% of the flowering plants in the US; 1/3 of which are food that we eat.  In addition, they pollinate the crops … Continue reading

The A, B, C’s of Bees: B for Bad “Bees”

Hornets, wasps and bees, Oh My! There are many things out there that sting. For obvious reasons most people don’t want to get close enough to identify them. So people will often collectively refer to them as bees, wasps, hornets … Continue reading

The A, B, C’s of Bees: A is for Apiary

Aviary is to birds as apiary is to…..bees. An apiary is any place where hives for honeybees are kept.  Also known as a bee yard, apiaries can be as small as a single hive kept by an individual or can … Continue reading