Just A Buck in Rut

See this guy here?  We recently leased him from Fort Lucas Farm to breed to our two girls.  He’s handsome, isn’t he?  Don’t let the good looks fool you.  He’s as nasty as they come.  But it’s not his fault. … Continue reading

We’ve Pipped, Zipped and Peeped!

About 3 weeks ago our ducks started laying eggs.  At first, I didn’t realize we had duck eggs.  I just thought we had 2, unusual looking chicken eggs.  They were smoother, had a pearl look to them and were large, … Continue reading

Sex-changing Poultry? Burn That Chick!

When we bought our first batch of chicks, I was desperately eager to find out whether I had a good number of egg-layers or whether my neighbors would soon be cursing the crowing.  I fervently researched how to tell a … Continue reading

Do You Have Your Chicks In A Row?

It’s that time of year.  You’re kicking back enjoying the outcome of your hard spring, summer and fall work.  You think it is time to let things coast for a while. But then you realize, it’s time to start thinking … Continue reading

Wild Concord Grape Jam

Last year was our first fall in our new place.  When I was out mowing the lawn, I could smell the fruity goodness of wild grapes.  But my nose couldn’t quite lead me to the right place. Although I could … Continue reading